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Discount Programs & Other Ways to Save

 Let us know if this applies to you so, you can receive 15% off your in-store purchase!

  • Veterans
  • Teachers
  • Home School Parents
  • Seniors 65 years or older

The Boyer’s Way to Save

Fun in-store game to save 15% on your purchases of $100 or more! 
Shake the green bottle, disperse a block, repeat two more times, spell out CBD and get 15% off of your entire purchase for that day!
Easy and fun!
Upon each visit with a purchase, bring in your reward ‘business’ card and get a heart shaped punch.
After ten hearts, spend $25 or more and receive $10 off your purchase!
Savings percentages are known to increase based upon the way the wind is blowing that day.
Mention you read this last line, and 20% off is yours to claim!
See you at Boyer’s CBD!

Neighborhood Deal

I would like to extend my thanks to you for supporting local and stopping by Boyer’s CBD. Shopping can be hectic so, come on in and see what CBD can do for you.

Boyer’s CBD believes in supporting the very people that support us. So, as an incentive to shopping in the neighborhood, after visiting a coffee shop, restaurant, hardware store, specialty boutique, grocery, etc. Bring in a same-day purchase receipt from one of the neighboring businesses and take home a pre-roll for $5.00!  

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